10 Pillars Of DevOps Culture

Unofficial SRE motto: “Hope is not a strategy.”

Unofficial SRE motto: “Hope is not a strategy.”

Trick #1: The main components of DevOps are people and process.

Trick #2: SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) = Software Engineer + Systems Enthusiast.

Trick #3: DevOps is a blameless culture.

Trick #4: Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability. Less code means less complexity.

Trick #5: Automation is a force-multiplier, a lever.

Trick #6: Accepting failure prevents mediocrity.

Trick #7: You can't fix people, but you can fix systems and processes to better support them.

Trick #8: Trust your team and don’t try to be a hero.

Trick #9: Don’t reinvent the wheel. If it exists somewhere like open source project, fork and contribute.

Trick #10: if you have to do something more than twice, well it should be automated.

Did I missing something? Let me know…

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